Women’s Spring-Summer 2023

Women's Spring-Summer 2023 Collection

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Louis Vuitton presents the Spring-Summer 2023 Women’s Collection revealed at the Musée du Louvre in Paris.

The Campaign

Placing emphasis on proportions as a figure of style, the new campaign explores a new balance in scale, where the infinitely large and infinitely small come together in one silhouette.
Zippers, snaps, and belt buckles take on disproportionate dimensions, while Louis Vuitton’s ancestral Asnières home is reinterpreted into a miniature version and becomes a vanity case.
A true tribute to Louis Vuitton’s savoir-faire and innovative spirit, the Spring-Summer 2023 Collection showcases the Maison’s DNA through a myriad of signature details that take on macro proportions.

The Collection

The Spring-Summer 2023 Collection puts femininity in the spotlight, zooming in on elements of a woman’s wardrobe, reinventing proportions and scales to create silhouettes where the details reign over. Printed belts take on a trompe l’oeil effect, while folds of a kilt are enlarged and become flat pleated dresses, adding a playful and unique aspect. Nicolas Ghesquière also uses embroidery that simulates a macro tweed, created using a 3D scanner and blowing up each image to highlight every thread and its texture.

The Bags

In the spirit of the Spring-Summer 2023 Collection, a selection of new bags are recreated with dramatic proportions, and others focus on the details, enlarging and highlighting them.