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Imagined up by Louis Vuitton Master Perfumer Jacques Cavallier Belletrud, Attrape Rêves is a journey between dream and reality, vibrant and surprising in equal measure.

Inspired by the euphoria one feels when encountering an experience that is as unexpected as it is magical, Attrape-Rêves is the fragrant embodiment of supernatural phenomena forever embedded in the memory of a far-flung exploration.

It’s a dialogue between precious ingredients that, in theory, have no reason to cohabit. And yet, on the skin, they converse, interfuse, crepitate and command attention.

An enchanting composition full of extraordinary contrasts and sheer elegance, where a bouquet of peonies mingles with raw cocoa powder, and a hint of patchouli heart is enlivened by litchi’s fresh and sparkling notes.

A luminous and optimistic fragrance that stirs all the senses, Attrape-Rêves celebrates magic and one’s capacity to experience wonder.