Baby Collection

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For the first time, Louis Vuitton presents a collection dedicated to babies.

Carrying on a tradition of creating pieces to be treasured and passed down, the Maison debuts a collection of everyday designs and special occasion styles that can become life-long keepsakes.

From blankets and heirloom silver objects to small travel cases and a “Doudou Louis” teddy bear, Louis Vuitton has imagined a world where each item can play a formative role in a child's life.

Featuring clothing, accessories, and toys, the collection transcribes the Maison's iconic signatures with a fresh sense of whimsy and joy. The primary motif, Meli-Melo, rearranges the Monogram flowers with a touch of childlike insouciance.

Soft and enveloping, the Baby Collection encompasses Louis Vuitton's responsible sourcing approach and embodies its innovative commitment to circular creativity and eco-design.