Tips and Ideas to Organise Your Home

With many of us confined to our house, it is a great time to declutter and organise our space. Changing your environment can transform your life. Below are a few practical ideas for each room that will help to make your home a neat and stress-free sanctuary.


Start the day by making your bed. Not only will this task ensure your bedroom looks tidy, you will have a routine that sets the tone for the day. Keep all items on bed side tables and drawers neat by storing jewellery and precious items in specific cases and bowls.


A great approach to arranging the bathroom is to place the items for everyday use within arm’s reach. Everything else you use occasionally goes under the cabinet or in drawers. Drawer dividers are an easy way to organise smaller items while cosmetic cases can be used to store makeup and skincare separately.


As one of the busiest rooms of the house, place importance on keeping it uncluttered and ensure it is an area you can relax in. Toss unnecessary books and magazines. Clear unsightly cords by eliminating redundant CD and DVD players and opt for wireless speakers. Decorative baskets can be used to hold toys and blankets. Add a tray to the coffee table as not only does it look chic, items such as your TV remote, coasters and candles can be stored there, leaving the rest of the table clutter free.


Usually home offices are not overly large, making it difficult to keep them neat and organised. Create a productive space by getting rid of anything that you do not use such as old files and paperwork. All surfaces, especially the desk, should be clean and free from excess items. Combine your printer and scanner, only use one notebook and pen at a time, and group other stationery items together in specific boxes and trays.

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