Fine Jewellery

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Lockit pendant, pink gold, pink jadeite and diamonds
Airplane charm, white gold, yellow gold and diamonds
Alma charm, white gold and amazonite
Alma charm, white gold and yellow agate
Alma charm, yellow gold and green agate
Chain, yellow gold
Chain, pink gold
Chain, white gold
Chain, white gold
Color Blossom sun long earrings, pink gold, white mother-of-pearl and diamond
Color Blossom sun ear stud, pink gold and white mother-of-pearl
Colour Blossom sun pendant, pink gold and grey mother-of-pearl
Colour Blossom sun bracelet, pink gold and grey mother-of-pearl
Diamond Blossom BB bracelet, white gold and diamonds
Hot air balloon charm, yellow gold and diamonds
Idylle Blossom bracelet, yellow gold
Idylle Blossom bracelet, white gold
Idylle Blossom heart bracelet, pink gold and diamond
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