Les Extraits Murano Art Edition

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Les Extraits Murano Art Edition

Louis Vuitton presents the Les Extraits Murano Art Edition, revealing a newly designed cap by architect Frank Gehry in collaboration with Glass Master Simone Cenedese. The limited-edition bottle showcases the radiant and immersive Symphony fragrance by Master Perfumer Jacques Cavallier Belletrud.

When we first designed the perfume bottle for Louis Vuitton, I had a dream of making the tops in vivid colours. In collaboration with Simone Cenedese and his glass artisans, we have finally been able to realize that vision. The colours that the Murano team has created are beautiful and ever-changing. Frank Gehry

Elevating fragrance to art, the new bottle is created in collaboration with legendary architect Frank Gehry and Glass Master Simone Cenedese. A remarkable transformation of Gehry’s design for the iconic Les Extraits Collection, each limited-edition is as unique as nature itself, resembling a blooming flower that poetically embodies his trademark free-flowing, yet sculptural forms.

Brought to life in Murano, the heart of traditional Venetian glassmaking, the top was magnificently hand-crafted in black, red, blue, and transparent glass, in a balletic process of constant movement that demanded all the artisanal expertise of Glass Master Simone Cenedese. The result is a landmark feat of creativity and craftsmanship, and ultimately, a remarkable work of art.

Les Extraits Murano Masterpiece

Showcasing each bottle cap’s unique and exceptional design, Les Extraits Murano Masterpiece presents all five Extraits fragrances exhibited on a beautifully sleek glass pedestal.

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