Home Workout Essentials

You might find it difficult to attend your fitness classes and gym sessions, but there is no need to fret. Get your daily dose of endorphins through home workouts. Whether you are a yoga fan or love a HIIT session, there is something for everyone. Below are some tips on how to keep moving… even while confined to a tiny apartment.


Working out at home is not as hard as you might think. Start by investing in equipment such as dumbbells, skipping rope, a quality water bottle and earphones.

However, you can still complete a quality, full-body workout at home – all you need is yourself. Opt for exercises that use your bodyweight or perhaps brisk walk around your house. There are many apps that will track your route and distance, so perhaps having a daily step count goal would work. Any exercise that will increase your heart rate will be beneficial.


Although your living rooms and backyards are suddenly having to stand in for your regular gyms and studios, you can still enjoy your favourite forms of exercise. Boxing, barre, Pilates or yoga, there are online classes and trainers which will allow you to transform your home into your personal workout paradise. You can even practice golf putting drills if your goal is to improve your game.

Instead of committing to a single workout, try a few and see what works – there is never a better time to give it a go. If virtual workouts are not for you, attempt to wake up earlier than usual to complete some yoga sun salutations, or turn on some music and dance the stress away. Now you can really boogie like no-one is watching!


The goal is just to get moving, so there is no set duration for a home workout. As a rule of thumb, aim for at least 30 minutes of some type of movement each day. Set an alarm for every few hours to remind yourself to move – do some light stretches or walk around your living space.


Whether it is a workout subscription service, or one of your favourite Instagram personalities offering free workouts on IGTV, many gyms, celebrities and personal trainers globally are offering online versions of their classes, some even for free. Find motivation when you head to Instagram or YouTube to see what is on offer.


Let your work out gear offer some additional motivation to exercise and stay active. Invest in items that can take you from your living room workout to your virtual catch up with friends. Faking it until you make it becomes a lot easier when you look the part.

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