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My Services: Painting On Hard-Sided

My Services: Painting On Hard-Sided

The Maison Louis Vuitton offers you the possibility to paint initials, colored strips, drawings and a selection of stickers on your hard-sided canvas products.


Personalization is closely linked to the history of the Louis Vuitton Maison since its inception. Painted by hand, the painting of your hard-sided canvas (Monogram and Damier), shapes the unique character of your piece and gives it a new soul. 

Over and above the choice of colours and position on the canvas, the creative process also includes the typography of initials, the geometry of colour bands, the making of drawings or the selection of stickers. This exceptional savoir-faire, perpetuated by the Maison's craftsmen, continues to inspire dreams.

This personalisation service is available in our Louis Vuitton stores. You may also contact our Client Services for more details.

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