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Men's Fall-Winter 2020 Show: Another Angle

Men's Fall-Winter 2020 Show: Another Angle

Revisiting the Louis Vuitton Men's Fall-Winter 2020 Show through the distinctive lens of director Umi Ishihara. 

Surrealism is the instinctive act of making the ordinary extraordinary. The abstraction of the familiar expands our routine horizons and makes us see the world through unfazed eyes. Virgil Abloh applies the mechanics of the surreal to rewind the clock on our collective age-inflicted comprehension. Gazing at the world through the optics of a child – of an adolescent or a young man – is tantamount to first impressions, to the purity of mind and the refreshing optimism of naivety. The turn of a decade heralds an appetite for fresh motivations.

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