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Exceptional Personalisation of Exotic Skins

Exceptional Personalisation of Exotic Skins

Just like its classic lines, Louis Vuitton is introducing an exceptional personalisation service for bags and small leather goods crafted in exotic skins with its My Catalogue service.


Personalisation has been an integral part of Louis Vuitton's heritage since it was founded in 1854. For an even more exclusive offering, items crafted in an exotic skin may now also be customised. The service offers a selection of different bags and small leather goods, with the option of choosing the colour from a palette of matte and shiny shades, along with the metal hardware and lining. A customisable patch (bag) or hot stamping (small leather goods) may also be added to create a unique product. Last but not least, true connoisseurs can enjoy a premium offering, with a choice between three crocodilian species: Alligator, Niloticus and Porosus.

This exclusive personalisation service creates an exceptional item that is sure to delight collectors. It is available in Louis Vuitton stores. You may also contact our Client Services for more details.

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