LV Icons

    • The OnTheGo

      Imbued with the Maison’s codes, the OnTheGo bag evokes a refined versatility with its structured design. Featuring the iconic Monogram motif, the signature model is re-interpreted in a range of sizes and vibrant hues.

    • The Alma

      Emblazoned with the Maison's iconic motifs, the Alma bag is a classic and sophisticated silhouette. With signature Toron handles and gold hardware, the model embodies a timeless symbol of elegance.

LV Icons is a symphony of the Maison's iconic styles: the swift allure of the Speedy, the architectural finesse of the Alma, and the capacious charm of the Neverfull. Each piece, from the casual elegance of the Noé to the modern sophistication of the Onthego, is a testament to meticulous craftsmanship. Discover timeless models like the Side Trunk and Dauphine alongside avant-garde designs such as the plush Coussin, sculptural Twist, and Petite Malle—miniature marvels echoing our "art of travel" legacy. This diverse range invites you to find your perfect companion in luxury—a cherished emblem from Louis Vuitton’s legendary collection that promises enduring style and functionality.