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Guess what we found in the Louis Vuitton archives…

Long live iconoclasm! The year is 1989, and Ben, César and Arman – restless exponents of the new realism of the 1960s – are bringing their irreverent creative genius to bear on Louis Vuitton. To celebrate the opening of 54, avenue Montaigne, the trio came up with a small cardboard trunk which – though far less robust than the House’s legendary luggage – was proudly emblazoned with the iconic Monogram pattern. Inside this precarious package, three jewels designed for posterity: an “accumulation”-style brooch for Arman, a rather rustic compact-pendant bearing, in Ben’s celebrated script, the words: “Maybe this box contains a diamond”, and a “compression” brooch for César, famous for his crushed automobiles. Produced in a limited edition of 850, with 25 signed by the three artists, the tiny trunk made a big impression with its mischievous combination of ordinary materials and exceptional craftsmanship. So small a space, so much significance…

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