LV The Book


The Louis Vuitton women’s ready-to-wear collection indulges in some elegant role play. Our adventurous heroine switches between style personas, perfectly at home in a constantly moving world. Louis Vuitton explores the fascinating territory that is the contemporary woman – a woman with her sights set on the future.

Photographer: JUERGEN TELLER

KIRIN is wearing an embroidered leather top and shrug
with a cotton poplin bubble skirt.

TEDDY is wearing a coated cotton jacket and reactor-print silk pants; a Petite Malle in coated canvas and metal; flat slingback loafers in calf leather; leather straps.

KIRIN is wearing a top with leather embroidery and open shoulders; a choker in metal and strass. JEAN is wearing an embroidered top under an embroidered shrug over a gel-embroidered kilt; a Papillon bag in Malletage lambskin; leather straps; a necklace in sequins.

Embroidered bubble dress; leather and feather straps.

JEAN is wearing a gel-embroidered linen blouse and leather shorts; a Petite Malle in Monogram canvas and metal-ornamented leather frame; leather straps; a choker in metal and strass. RIANNE is wearing a painted lambskin two-tone coat; flat lace-ups in calf leather; leather straps; a bracelet in metal and strass.

Twist bag in embossed and printed Epi leather; leather straps; bracelet in sequins.

Embroidered leather skirt; platform sandals in calf leather; leather straps. KIRIN is wearing a chiffon blouse with leather embroidery and multicolored pants; a Twist bag in Epi leather with a braided leather flap.

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